Sunday, May 22, 2011


We had a good but busy weekend.  It could have been a lot busier but with two babies - you have to adapt what you can do.

Saturday we had a lazy morning but then decided we wanted to do something because it was such a gorgeous day.  BUT being spontaneous is pretty much impossible with two little ones. We decided just to go walk on this trail in our town that goes by this AMAZING museum they are building.  One hour and a half later - we were finally all dressed, fed, gone to the potty and ready to go.  (and I had just thrown on shorts and not even combed my hair). ha!

I had two out of town friends in town this weekend that I was DYING to see but they were here for weddings and sports stuff and between that and our naps and feeding schedules - it just didn't work out for me to see either one.  I was so sad but that's just how it rolls around here.

We DID get to go to a first birthday party for a special little boy.  My friend Melissa's little boy Grayson turned one and she did the cutest Sock Monkey party.

I have to show you a few pictures because it was just the cutest - this is the candy/treat table!
 Melissa and Grayson
 The cake/cupcake table
 Grayson took an interest in Hollis. :-)
 Harper had a really good time. They had a bouncy house and lots of bubbles! She was in heaven!

 And the cutest sock monkey cookies for favors.  Harper was VERY excited about this!
 Everyone's favorite part of the first birthday - watching the baby and their smash cake! Grayson REALLY liked the cake! Who wouldn't???

We left the party and went to eat dinner with some friends.  We ran into my doctor who delivered Hollis!  Is it sad how much I love my doctor?

Today was senior Sunday at church.  We spend the whole service recognizing seniors, the youth sing and our youth pastor preaches.  It's always a really neat time.  I always cry when they show videos of the youth and of their parents talking about them.  Especially now when I realize in 16 years - we will be there.  That seems far away but I know it will be here WAY too soon.

Scott and I have started helping with baptisms at church and this morning I took Hollis with us and she started screaming bloody murder and wouldn't stop so I panicked and ran her down to the nursery so they could hold her and rock her for a few minutes while I did my job.  I knew she probably had gas - but she NEVER gets upset like that.  Before we went to the service - we went to get her and she was asleep - so she spent her first time in the nursery today.  She ended up waking up VERY mad and hungry during the sermon and they had to page us so we just ended up leaving church early today.  I had to laugh at this picture because my sweet, happy baby wasn't herself today.

An interesting fact .............there has been this statistic going around lately that 85% of all teenagers who grow up in church leave their faith after their freshman year in college.  Honestly - I have HATED hearing that and so have most youth pastors.  Our youth pastor said he couldn't believe that so he did a survey recently of the last 5 graduating classes from our church.  They surveyed 82 very active youth who had graduated and of those - 91% were still very active in their faith.  I loved hearing that because it just encourages me to raise my children in church.  I want them to be very active in church and in their relationship with Jesus so they will not leave it when they go out on their own.  I want them to understand that it is EVERYTHING!

Train up a child in the way he should go, Even when he is old he will not depart from it. Proverbs 22:6

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