Saturday, May 14, 2011

Oh the things you say...............

I wanted to write down a few things about the girls that I don't want to forget.  Mostly the funny things Harper is saying lately but I also want to remember just how sweet Hollis is.  She is the BEST baby.  I just can't get enough of her and I want to freeze her and keep her this little baby forever.  But I also want to watch her grow and see who she becomes.  I'd have two more babies if I thought they would be just like her.
Harper is just a mess! ha! She keeps us rolling with the things she does and says.  I feel like if I don't write them down quickly - I'll forget.
She is such a mimic right now.  She will repeat everything I say - which can be good, can be bad.  She especially repeats everything I say after I've gotten on to her (if only she would apply it! ha!)  as in "Harper, do you hear me?"
She is SUPER polite.  She is always saying "Thank you" to us.  "Thank you Momma."  "Thank you Daddy."  If we are at a restaurant or Wal-Mart - she will look at the waitress or checker and say "Thank you Girl".  ha! If I go through Sonic - she thanks the person at the window.  She has learned that politeness gets her far.  If she wants something to eat or wants to do something (especially if she knows my answer is probably no) she will say "Popsicle? Yes, ma'am! Please".   It makes me laugh.  I'm glad she is picking up manners.
She is constantly telling me all day long "Momma, get your baby" but now she has added "Momma, talk to your baby" and "Momma, hold your baby".
She is super bossy to Dawson.  She follows him around all day saying "No, No Dawson!"
Scott has her baby Enstein movies on his computer and she has gotten back into them recently.  She is constantly asking him to "Watch the chicken? Hmmmmmm?"  She calls all the movies "the chicken movies".

Harper is super into our phones and playing games on them.  Scott gave her his old phone and she loves to play games and watch movies on it.  I think she can honestly navigate my phone better than I can.
She loves to "play".  She knows Chick-fil-a has a fun playground and every time we drive by she says "PLAY?????".  She also LOVES being at church.  I can't ever get her to leave.  She spends so much time there between church, Bible Study and MDO but I have to just pull her away.  She always says "NO" when I come to pick her up.  And last week I dropped her off and she said "Go Momma" and then blew me a kiss and said "Bye".  She is so independent.
My favorite thing is hearing her say "I love you Momma".  She says that and my heart just melts.  She always says "My baby" to me because she wants me to say that she is my baby.  She has been a little jealous lately so I've been trying extra hard to make her feel loved and special.  She likes me to hold her like a baby and sing "Rock-a-bye" baby to her.  Her poppa started that.

Her favorite game is the "hand" game.  She puts her hand in her shirt and then says "Where did my hand go?" Then she starts yelling "Hand? Where are you?" Then she will pull her hand out and say "Oh there you are hand!" ha ha ha! She made that game up all by herself.  She is such a nut!

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