Friday, May 13, 2011

Horsing Around

 Our playgroup normally meets at each other's houses but we've gotten so big that it can get out of control so we have started trying to find free or cheap things around town we can do as a big group instead.
 Yesterday we met at a local "farm" like place.  It's a plant nursery but behind it is a garden and horses.  We checked out swans in a pond first and the kids fed them.  They loved this.
 We went over to a grassy field to see the horses and I told my friends really all we needed was just a big field for the kids just to run free in more than anything.  My friend Kacy (and her precious boys) is our social director and is always thinking of fun things for us to do.
 Harper LOVED the horse.  She ran right up to him and wanted to pet and feed him.  She has NO fear of animals. I think if she saw a lion or bear - she would run right up to it and say "awwww" and start loving on it. ha!
 My friend Caryn brought bubbles which is ALWAYS a huge hit!
 We brought blankets and picnic lunches and sat down and ate after.  It was just a nice relaxing play group!
 Cutie pies Alex and Neely
 I had a lot of fun just watching Harper play yesterday.  We had SUCH a great day. She and Hollis both got up at 5:45 and she refused to take a nap and yet she was in the best mood all day and we just laughed and had so much fun together! I love those days!
Hollis slept through play group and I never got a picture of her and Harper together but they had on the cutest matching outfits.  I had to post this picture just to remind myself that she did actually cry a few times in her infant days.  It's very rare!

I made a little video of the sisters last night. I love how Hollis always smiles so big at her sister! She thinks Harper is wonderful!

I have to add that last night before bed Harper prayed a VERY LONG prayer. We barely understood anything she said but at one point I heard her say "Snack" and then I also heard "Do you hear me?" So I think she was bossing God. We have a lot to work on. (Although don't we all try to boss God at some point? Thank goodness He's in charge and not us!)

Any suggestions on free activities for 20-40 kids under the age of 5? We have gone to the fire station, a radio station, a nursing home, a paint your own pottery place (I skipped that day because the idea of Harper and breakable ceramics terrified me).

Also - do you homeschool or plan to - skip down to the next post for SUYL!

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