Thursday, May 19, 2011

Grandparents and Baby Gifts

We are so lucky that we have the kind of grandparents who will drive 3 hours both ways just to spend 2 hours loving on our kids! My dad is headed to Nicaragua soon for a mission trip and he wanted to see the girls before he left so my parents came over today.
They loved getting to hold and love on this little bundle of pure joy!
And of course Harper entertained them. Harper gets SOOOOOO wound up when they come. She loves being with all of her grandparents and always puts on a show. She got a little jealous at first because they were paying attention to the baby but soon they devoted her all their focus and she was THRILLED. She even got to show them her "potty" skills! (She is doing really good!)

We enjoyed their visit so much. And when they left the girls took a two hour nap at the same time!! And the skies opened up and a light shone down and the Hallelujah chorus was being sung!!
Tonight I got a much needed girls night out. My friend Amanda is expecting baby Lela in a few weeks and we had a shower for her at one of my favorite restaurants - abuelo's. I had SOOOO much fun just eating and talking with my best friends.
These 3 girls were pretty in peach - Bethany, Amy and Elizabeth
Amy and Tracy
Ginger, Vonda and Laurie
Moi, Mary Avery and Amber

I was so excited because my friend Erin had her sweet second little girl today!! Erin is one of the sweetest people I know and she has a precious little girl Kinley who is two months older than Harper. And now she has Kamryn who is two months younger than Hollis. I'm thinking we will be able to have double sleepovers with our girls one day!

My pretty friend Amanda! I'm so excited to meet Lela! She is going to be one of Hollis' best friends too I just know!
I am SO thankful on these girls nights that Scott is happy to stay home and keep Harper. He's SO good with her. I took Hollis with me because she is still so easy to take out and I wouldn't have to worry about Scott having both of them. She was so good. She slept most of the time. I just love looking at her!

I'll have the SUYL main course recipe post up mid day tomorrow!! I'm excited about getting new recipes , aren't you?

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