Thursday, April 28, 2011

Zoo Day

I can't write anything else without saying first that I'm just devastated for the people of Alabama and other southern states who were hit so hard by the tornados. I've been watching video after video and picture after picture. It's unspeakable. I'm so sorry for all those who lost everything but especially for those who lost loved ones.  Please pray for everyone that was touched. 

Since Scott was off this week and we FINALLY had a pretty day - we decided to drive about 30 miles away to a Drive Through Wilderness Safari/Zoo.  We have been once before Harper was born but we knew Harper would love it because she is obsessed with animals. 

It's really neat - you just drive on these roads and they have all kinds of animals.

Most are out roaming.........these Emu's freak me out. They will come right up to your window.
Doesn't this look like the Donkey from Shrek?
The camels stuck their heads in our windows.  That kind of freaked me out too.

Harper liked the drive through part okay but it's hard to see from a car seat.  She went CRAZY when we went to the petting zoo part.  There is a walk through where they have monkeys and small animals you can look at.

They had 3 little baby monkeys in a cage and those were her favorite. She was SOOO excited. She kept just running around saying "Momma, come on!! Daddy, let's go!!!" It was SO cute!

Hollis slept through the entire thing but I'm sure she had a great time.  We got in the car and it got super quiet before we even got out of town and I turned around and Harper was OUT like a light.  It wore her out!
Such a great way to spend time with my family!

And just a note:
Tomorrow's SUYL is all about vacations! I'm going to move that out one week and instead - I've been sent SO many prayer requests lately and in light of the tornados - I think it would be more appropriate to have a day of prayer for all those involved and others who need our prayer. Please come back and leave your requests and take time to pray for those who need it! 

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