Wednesday, April 27, 2011

GNO and home tour

 Our Sunday School girls get together one night a month for a potluck dinner and fun! It's something I look forward to more than anything.  I hadn't planned on going last night because I didn't know how Hollis would do and we had more storms headed our way but last minute I decided to go and I'm so glad I did.
 I took Hollis with me and she did so good.  Everyone took turns holding her.  My friend Ginger had her for a long time!
 Laurie and Amanda forgot to send me the "green" memo.  I think we had 20 or more girls there last night.
 I didn't get a picture of everyone but I'm so glad so many could come. It's just so nice to have a chance to really talk without kids running around or us needing to worry about anything but visiting and laughing.
 My friend Tracy hosted and made the best spaghetti and we all brought sides or desserts.  It was just a fun night and thankfully we didn't all have to cram into a bathroom or closet due to a tornado - we got spared.
 Harper didn't sleep at all last night. I don't know what her deal was.  She and Hollis were both up from about 2:30 on.  I told them they could have done this on Friday morning instead so we could at least just get up and watch the royal wedding together. ha ha ha! I wish they were a little older so we could watch it. I'm old enough to remember getting up to watch Charles and Di get married! I'm excited about the wedding.......especially after watching "William and Kate" on Lifetime at least 3 times now. ha! Scott on the other hand is so tired of hearing about it. He is constantly yelling at the TV "Just get married already.......".  I have a feeling most men feel that way.

Little Sass has started putting her hands on her hips and it cracks me up.  She is such a mess. Even in the middle of the night when she is keeping me up - she just makes me laugh.  And she has started saying "I love you momma" "I love you daddy" all the time and it just completely melts me.  I need to video THAT so I can treasure her little 2 year old voice saying it for the rest of my life.
And how much do I love those little orange shoes? I own about 4 pairs of shoes but Harper seems to accumulate a lot because I just love them.  And since I discovered Zulily - they will sometimes have nice shoes for sale for wal-mart prices so I grabbed up these.  We have a surprisingly large amount of clothes that these orange shoes match. Weird.

I thought it would fun to share a blog with you from one of my college friends. Shelli and I weren't really friends in college but we have met back up through the blog/facebook world and since we are both "older" moms - we have connected.  Shelli is not a designer (but should be) but has amazing taste and I have LOVED looking at her pics of her home and just all the great design ideas she gives.  I know how much most of you love home tours - so you might like checking hers out.

I mean seriously - this is her office. If this was my office - I might try to get a job working at home so I could spend as much time as possible in here! (Or I might actually answer all my emails). ha!
and her little girl's nursery! She recently updated it and I think it's so neat! You just have to go check out the rest of the tour and her blog!

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