Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Blowouts and birds

Just some random stories/stuff from our house.......................
Our women's Bible study started a summer session today (even though it's not really summer). For the next 8 weeks we are having what Laurie and I have named "Testimony Tuesday: Your story for His Glory". We can totally not take credit for that - one or more of y'all shared that your church did that and we loved it. Eight different women in our church will share their testimony each week and we are also watching Louie Giglio videos. I am in heaven. We did this last summer and it was amazing. Today did not disappoint. One of the women I admire SO much in our church shared her testimony and it was as if God told her specific things to say that I needed to hear. I'm so glad I went even though I was super late because I just haven't quite got down the routine of getting myself and two girls ready and feeding Hollis at the same time down yet.
And then in the middle of Bible Study I started smelling something awful. I had Hollis in her carseat next to me and I lifted her blanket and she had a MAJOR blowout. So I had to leave and change her and realized I didn't have a change of clothes for her. Bless her heart. All I had was a little sweater that had gone over her outfit one day.

I have to tell about this. If you know my best friend Laurie or read her blog - you know she has a CRAZY fear of birds. Well I guess a bird has built a nest on my front door wreath. We have been having bad storms and the other night real late after Scott had already gone to sleep - I decided to open the front door to look outside. I have no idea why. Well - when I did - a bird flew in our house. I had to wake Scott up and tell him there was a bird in our house and he had to get it out. That took some explaining and you can imagine how thrilled he was. ha! It took a while but we got it out. I was freaked out .........but I knew Laurie would have had a heart attack and I couldn't quit laughing.

I know a lot of you are having droughts where you live but we have had FLOODS! It has rained for several days in a row and it's been awful. Yesterday they shut down schools and most work places and closed almost all the roads because everything was so flooded. Tornados hit central AR bad last night and we are under warnings for tonight. I feel like I need to build an ark. Pray for our state.

And also - Harper has gotten real into praying. She wants to pray all the time. The other night (during a storm) - we were all piled up in our bed before Harper's bedtime and she wanted to pray. You can't understand much of what she is saying - she is mostly calling out all her family members names and praying for them to eat. ha ha ha! I thought it was so sweet. And she had to stop when it thundered real hard. Scott caught it on video on his phone so I thought I would share

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