Monday, April 18, 2011

Friends and Watermarks

Today we had a few friends come over and play. My friend Rebekah brought her daughter Cilla and Laurie brought Sarah Kate. These girls are all just a few months apart.
My friend Julee gave Hollis this precious white dress and I just love it. I already had the hairband and Harper's little friend Jaxson at school - his mom can sew anything and she made Hollis several pairs of little shoes and gave them to me last week. They are ADORABLE! I thought she looked so precious today! Those 3 big girls yelled and played all around and she just slept in her little nap nanny the whole time. She is AMAZINGLY good and easy.

Here is another funny thing Harper has said recently. I always pull her pants in the back to do a little "diaper check" and lately she will get behind us and pull our pants at the waist and say "Mommy I'm checking your diaper." "Mommy has poop" ha ha ha!
My friend Rebekah and Cilla. Cilla and Harper are a lot alike. Rebekah and I always have a lot to talk about and compare notes because they are VERY similar. We are blessed to have two precious girls with big personalities!


Here is the info I have for watermarking your pictures. I realize I will get comments saying this doesn't or won't work but it helps and I want to think I'm doing something to keep my pics safe. And it's fairly easy.

To watermark - there are tons of programs out there. You can do it on but I think you would have to pull up every picture and do it individually. Just go to create and add text. You can choose to do "overlay" which makes it almost translucent. You can pick your text, etc.
I use Lightroom as our photo program and when you export your pictures - you can set it up to watermark and it will do it in the same place each time as you export. This makes it VERY simple.

I hate that it goes across the face in most pictures but if you do it in a corner - someone can just easily crop that off. That's why mine is right in the middle.

You can also use programs to write your blog like litewriter that you can watermark with.

Two more steps would be to disable right click and left click on pictures.
Disable right click
Disable left click

You can also load pictures on your blog from flickr or photobucket and use a private account so when people click - it would ask for a password to see the picture.

I hope this helps!!! Be safe!

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