Sunday, April 17, 2011

Pink dresses

Friday night our church had Parents Night out so Scott and I headed out for a date. We took Hollis with us. We couldn't decide if we wanted Mexican or steaks but ended up going to Doe's. It was so fun because three couples we are friends with were there too! There was also the cutest little family sitting right next to us with a little boy who had just turned 2. Halfway through the meal - the girl told me she reads my blog. That always chaws Scott to death (and me) but they were so nice!
(Sorry - y'all - I realize half of you need a translator when you read my blog - chaw means embarrassed.)

We just ate and then went to pick up Harper. She was in the room with all her best friends (and they were the same couples who ate where we ate) and she did NOT want to leave. She was the first to be picked up and she wanted to stay. Sarah Kate kept saying "She doesn't want to go!!!" ha! Next time we will leave her a little longer!
Saturday we had hoped to go to a big easter egg hunt in our town but it was kind of chilly and it was also smack dab in the middle of nap time. Who plans an Easter egg hunt for 2 & 3 year olds at 1? Clearly men. ha! ha! (Just kidding!) So we made a family trip to Sam's instead and I tried out the Moby wrap. My sweet friend Melissa let me borrow two different wraps from her and they are SO helpful. It makes it easier for me to be on the go! And Hollis sleeps so good in them and seems so content!

We went to church today and I was SO happy because I got to dress my girls in matching pink smocked dresses. Oh the joy of having girls!!
And yes - I let Harper break the cardinal Southern rule and she wore white shoes before Easter. But I don't think the rule can apply when Easter is almost in May and it shouldn't apply to toddlers or little girls anyway. :-)

We are so excited because Scott is changing jobs and he has the next two weeks off between jobs. I am excited to have some help and hoping we can do some fun family things. We are so thankful because Scott has had a new job almost every 1-2 years but he hasn't interviewed for one in probably 6 or 7 years. People he has worked for in the past always call him and ask him to come back or come work with them where ever they are. I'm so proud I have a husband who is a hard worker and who people WANT to work with again! So we have been blessed and he will continue to get to work at home. (He's a computer programmer - or like I like to call him Computer nerd) ha! This was a huge answer to prayers in our family.

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