Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Cookies, Luncheon and birth announcement

Today we had a luncheon for our Women's Bible Study.  I was in charge of bringing some sort of cookie. I have NEVER been able to make a good chocolate chip cookie.  I don't know what my problem is but they always end up flat and hard and yuck.  Jill suggested to me a while back to make the recipe off the crisco can.  So I tried that.  SOOOOOOOOO good!  I made a batch yesterday and ate almost all of them (I was taste testing)(I am never going to lose all my baby weight).
 This little sweet pea stayed with me at the luncheon and was so good!
 Getting all 3 of us ready and out of the house by 9 is no small feat.  I wanted to take a picture of Hollis and Harper did NOT like that. But when I tried to take her picture - she liked that even less. Oh the drama of a 2 year old girl.  I think Hollis is thinking "what is your problem?" ha!
 My friend Lindsey brought her new baby Nicole for the lunch.  Our girls are a little less than 3 weeks apart.  They should be good friends. This was their first play date.  Clearly they bored each other because they slept the whole time.
I know her bow is ridiculous but I couldn't resist.  It came off halfway through the lunch anyway!
I had planned to take pictures of all the ladies there but this was all I got.  Our lunch.  I was glad I sat next to Laurie because she HATES everything on this plate and I love it all so I ate her plate and mine. ha! (I'm telling you - I want to lose the poundage but eating like a man is not helping things!) (Technically I wasn't eating like a man - since this is "girl" food).  And yes - Laurie hates all of this - which has made for a lot of sad bridesmaid luncheons and ladies lunches in our lifetime - but I'm always happy to eat it for her!

I finally sent out Hollis' birth announcement so I thought I would share it with you.   This is the front.  We wanted something simple that was mostly Hollis' picture.

This is my favorite picture of my girls so far. I put it on the back. I wanted a verse that would have special meaning and I had been trying to think of one that could express how I felt about these two blessings in my life and I stumbled upon this verse.
 It was perfect.

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