Monday, April 25, 2011

My favorite Store

I'm taking a little sidetrack today from posting about my family to share about my favorite local store! It's called Riffraff and it's in Fayetteville, AR. They have been open a few years and I think it's the neatest shop!
They have all kinds of cute things - furniture, home accessories, baby stuff, the BEST jewelry, and even really cute clothes. I bought a few things I wore during my pregnancy that weren't maternity.
The store is about 30 minutes from me or I'm afraid I would stop in at least once a week and my budget would be in some serious trouble!
But one of my favorite things is they have a cute blog I love to read and they have a Facebook page! On the facebook page - they constantly put up new pictures of all their new merchandise and I have to admit I window shop on-line a lot since I can't stop in very often. (Especially with two little ones!)
I know y'all live all over the country but I thought it would be fun to share with you - because you can "like" their facebook page and then when they update pictures - you could shop without having to live nearby!! And they ship all clothes, jewelry, and accessories for only $6!!!

(Go through the pictures they post and if you see something you like - leave a comment and they can give you the price and let you know if they still have it. Then you can call or email them to pay and order)!

Don't they have fun stuff? I love all the picture frames and wall decor! Arkansas girls - they always have VERY unique Razorback stuff!

The owner is this cute young girl - Kirsten! I love that she is a small business owner at a young age!

And here is the fun part - I'm giving away this cute apron on my review blog!! Go to and sign up to win!!!!!

Check out Riffraff's Facebook page:
and their blog:

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