Saturday, March 05, 2011

We all Scream for Ice Cream

Are y'all having a good weekend? I'm so thankful we are having a very low key weekend. I needed this!

Last night Scott and Steve went on what I keep calling a "man date".  I think they get jealous of our "girls nights" so they decided they needed a guy night. (Never mind that they go hunting for days on end............).  So their "man date" consisted of eating big steaks and going to Best Buy. Did you expect anything different? I was happy to stay home and watch "Say yes to the dress" and eat ice cream. ha!

I also worked on a list of things I need to do before Hollis comes. We are in the final countdown now. I added a lot of things to it today but luckily I was able to get a few things checked off and I can finish the rest over the next week or so.  Most of it consists of just getting all the baby stuff out of closets or the attic and putting it in place. Harper and I ran around this morning and got some last minute things I'll need when baby comes.  I feel like I won't be leaving the house for a few weeks after she comes so I am trying to get every possible thing done and ready. 
(I tweeted this picture last night and I got a few questions - The hooter hider is something you wear to help you be modest when nursing. I love it. I'm pretty sure mine is clean but I just wanted to freshen it up before I went to the hospital!) 

Harper was good on our errands so I promised her a little afternoon ice cream.  The girl has a new love and that is it.  She knows when we go to Sonic that they have "ice cream" and usually tries to talk me into it.  So today we went to Chick-fil-a and got the new Banana pudding milkshake.  Have you had it? Milkshakes are not usually my thing........................but HELLO!!!! This may be one of the best things I've ever had. We came home to eat it and when I had to let her know she and I were sharing the ice cream...................

this is what she did. I am so serious. I kind of felt the same way about sharing if I need to be honest.

She eventually got over it and did a lot of "mmmmmm" and "yum" while she ate it and even broke out into an original song that went something like "Ice cream, ice cream, ice cream, yum". ha ha ha! She is SO my daughter. I have to laugh because she really is me in every way.  She is so strong willed and stubborn - but what I love right now about her is she is SOOOO loving.  She probably hugs or kisses me and Scott 100 times a day.  At night she will say "Mommy hug?" or "Daddy hug" a dozen times before we can lay her down.  And every day we are at church or school - she can't leave until she hugs Sarah Kate and Emily at least 3 times.  And those poor girls are less than thrilled.  Friday Harper ran up and said "Sarah Kate, hug???" and Sarah Kate deep sighed and practically heaved over she was so disgruntled that they had to hug and Laurie and I were dying laughing.  Harper also has become very concerned over anyone being sad.  If anyone at school or church is crying she will look at me so upset and say "Jackson crying?" and she wants to comfort him immediately.  I love that about her - she does have a tender heart and I am praying it will stay with her always!

Now I just can't wait to find out what my Hollis will be!

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