Monday, March 07, 2011


I didn't blog today because honestly I'm just really tired and there was nothing newsworthy to say and for once...............I was just drawing a blank when it came to blogging!

But then I realized I'm so close - y'all might start thinking I'm in labor. (Like when my mom called the other day and said she hadn't heard from me in a day or two and I told her "well - I had Hollis 2 days ago and we are doing great". ha ha ha! )

We are both still hanging in here.....................but I promise as soon as I have her or go into labor - I'll either do a post or Scott or my mom or someone will!!!

I will add that I took Harper with me to Ulta today because I was out of some make-up and I knew it could be weeks or a month or more before I get back out to shop so I was trying to take care of it and I let Harper hold a powder thing of blush (because apparently my mind has left me with this pregnancy) and I turned around and she opened it and dumped the whole thing all over herself.  LOVELY! Being a mom is always humbling, isn't it?  Note to self: Don't take Harper to a makeup store again until she is actually WEARING make-up.  As in 14-15 years from now. ha!

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