Thursday, March 03, 2011

Show Us Your Life - Show us your family

Today's SUYL topic is about your family.  Not really "YOUR" family - as in husbands and kids - but the one you grew up in.

Most of us on our blogs share so much about our husbands and children - but you may not know much about the families we grew up in so I thought we could share that today!

My family consists of my mom, Judy; my dad, Steve; and my brother Chris.  I'm SO thankful for my family and I talk about them some on here - but I want to tell you more about them!

My dad is my "voice of reason".  He's my hero.  My dad is the Godliest man I know. He grew up in a military family and lived all over the world. He was born in Japan and graduated high school in Hawaii.  But his dad's roots were in Arkansas so for college - he came to the U of A.  My dad has been a pastor of the same Southern Baptist church for over 25 years.  I love to share his story because I hope it encourages those of you who may have husbands who aren't Christians or won't go to church with you.  When my parents married - my dad wasn't a Christian and refused to go to church with my mom (who grew up in a strong Christian home).  My mom took me to a MDO program and began to attend that church and my dad finally went with her and he was saved.  And several years later he felt God call him into the ministry and when I was in the 4th grade - he went to seminary.  My dad feels a strong tie towards missions as well and goes on several trips a year.  He mostly spends his time training pastors in the countries he goes to so they can reach the lost in their areas.  My dad was one of the best hands on, loving dads there has ever been and he is maybe even a better grandpa.

My mom is one of the most humble, gracious women you will ever meet. She has a servant's heart and she is a great pastor's wife because she loves people and would do anything for anyone.  She gets all that from my grandparents who were also that same way.  She grew up in the same small town in Arkansas her entire life until she went to the U of A and met my dad.  My dad is quiet and shy and my mom is definitely more of a social butterfly.  She likes to be around people and has always had a good circle of friends in all her seasons of life.  My mom was a sacrificial mother - she made choices all of our lives to better the lives of my brother and I.  She continues to do that and she helps me so much now with Harper.  She is the BEST grandmother and Harper adores her.

I have one brother Chris. He's two years younger than me.  He lives in Dallas with my sweet SIL, Carrie and they have been married almost 3 years.  They have one pug named Coco Chanel! ha! Chris is the smartest person I know.  I am so glad he is younger because I would NOT have wanted to have to follow his footsteps.  Chris went to Texas A&M on a full scholarship and majored in Journalism. He worked for some papers in Austin out of school and then joined the business world but Chris is not only smart but SUPER creative.  He needed to channel that and became an elementary school teacher after going to University of Texas to get another degree. Yes - he is both an aggie and a longhorn in a family full of Razorbacks. We don't speak about it. ha!   He's also so funny.  But he's so smart that I don't think I understand his jokes half the time. ha! Chris has always walked to the beat of his own drum.  He and I are alike in a lot of ways but we are also probably EXTREMELY different in so many other ways.  Harper loves him and thinks his name is Coco. That's what she calls him.  So he may always be "Uncle Coco" in our house!

That's my family - I am so proud of them and thankful that God put me with them! I'd love to hear about yours! (and I should add I have WONDERFUL in-laws - but this SUYL is about the family you grew up in! I'll have to write about them another time!!)

(There will be times I'll use the "picture" link lists and times I won't - I'm not going to today!)

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