Thursday, March 03, 2011

Indoor Activities

I posted this over on the KNWA blog I'm blogging for yesterday - but I thought I would post it here today too because I love getting ideas (and hopefully sharing with each other!)

It's so nice to see the weather warming up and knowing there will be lots of park days and outside play times coming up............but March and April are always pretty rainy so it's good to have some ideas for indoor activities inside. I thought I would share a few we have tried lately and I would LOVE your ideas..............and I imagine many others reading would love to get some ideas!
We always try toys, play dough, coloring, puzzles, books first................but some of these were bigger hits!
We didn't play outside when we had the big snow. It was just too cold and I'm 9 months pregnant and didn't want to fall down so we brought the snow inside. This entertained Harper forever!!! In fact - now if I lay down towels and bring out a tub she starts saying "SNOW!!! SNOW!!!". But if it does come a late snow - we are for sure doing this again!
My friend Bethany suggested taking two bowls and putting water and ice cubes in one and giving her a slotted spoon and letting her move the ice from bowl to another. This kept her busy for like 45 minutes! She LOVED it! I just laid towels down and let her go to town!
I had a few friends suggest putting rice or beans in a tub and letting her play in it. I decided rice was too messy so I bought a whole bunch of beans and let her try this last night. (This was before I decided to put a blanket down.) Now she loved this but I left the room for I promise less than 2 minutes and came back to this..........................
In 2 minutes she managed to scatter beans all over our entire family room. The type A in me decided we might not play with the beans again for a while. Especially when all 9 months of me had to bend down and clean this up (she helped!)

Any other ideas? Especially ones using basic home materials??? I'd love to hear anything! And not just for little ones - I'm sure moms all over would love activities for school aged kids for those days you are home and they are "bored"!

A few more I got were:
Playing in shaving cream - writing letters, etc.......
Using magnetic letters on a cookie sheet (we have done this a lot!)
Making a fort out of blankets and chairs

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