Friday, March 18, 2011

Newborn Love

Today has been a good day. I am feeling so much better. I may change my opinion in a few days but as of today I would say that my recovery from the C-section has been 100 times easier than the recovery from Harper and a regular delivery. I feel so much better after 2 days than I did after 3 or 4 weeks with Harper.
And Hollis is SUCH a good baby. She is so easy. I am realizing how great life with a newborn is. I was so stressed with Harper and this time around I'm just enjoying every minute! Having a two year old has REALLY made me appreciate the baby stage!
My dad left this morning. I've been SO thankful for the help from our parents!

This is my doctor- Dr. Seale. Isn't she pretty? She has been my doctor for probably 10 years. She saw me through all our infertility treatments and through both pregnancies. I just adore her. Most of my friends go to her too and we all love her. I was so glad she was able to deliver Hollis!

This is a picture of just pure bliss! I have been enjoying a few quiet days in the hospital - just feeding Hollis and resting. And holding my sweet girl (when the grandmas aren't!)
My friend Vonda came to visit today!

Mary Avery and her little boy Matthew came too! Mary Avery is having her third baby this summer. She saves the sex of the baby as a surprise so I can't wait to find out if Hollis will have a girl friend or boy friend in the nursery!

My friend Amanda came to see me. She is having a little girl, Lela, in June! I just know Lela and Hollis are going to be best friends!!! I can't wait to see her!

Harper went to MDO today and then Scott's parents brought her up to see us. They have been so great taking care of Harper for me the last few days! I'm SO thankful to have them here. Harper was so excited to see "BABY".

I just love this picture!

I finally drug out the big bow for Hollis! I just am in love with this girl!

Here is a peek into real life - I wanted so badly to have a picture with my two girls but Harper was NOT having it. Oh well - we will try again (and again and again). Hopefully we will get a picture of the two girls at some point. ha!

Harper is just in heaven with her grandparents. Today is Scott's parents 39th wedding anniversary! We are thankful for their example of a long marriage. And thankful they chose to spend the day with us taking care of their granddaughter!

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