Saturday, March 19, 2011

I'm Coming Home to the Place where I belong

I ended up staying an extra night at the hospital and I'm so glad I did.  I'm not kidding when I say it was like a mini vacation.  Although last night was a little rough - sweet Hollis was a hungry girl who wanted to eat about every hour.  So we were ready to come home this morning!

I have to say Hollis is the sweetest, easiest baby.  I would have 10 more if they were all like this!

We got Hollis dressed up in her coming home outfit and took a few pictures! This little knitted cape was made my my mam-ma and my brother and I both wore it home and so did Harper and now Hollis!
 My sweet girl! I am so crazy about her!

Harper and Hollis wore the same sweet dress home from the hospital. And once I can get out and around again - I plan to take it to Hobby Lobby and have it made into a neat shadow box!

It's so funny - my girls look NOTHING alike.  I know that could change as they get older.  Harper looked so much like her daddy when she was a baby and Hollis looks SO much like me as a baby.  I'll be curious in a year or two if they favor or all or look completely opposite.
 Nonny and her granddaughter.  My mom went home today.  Scott's parents are staying with us now and then my mom will come back once they leave.  I'm so thankful for all the help. 
 All bundled up and ready to go!!!

 Leaving the hospital!
 This is my sweet friend Tracy and her husband Shaun.  Tracy made us the BEST dinner tonight. She is this super human kind of girl.  She has two young girls and works from home and yet is constantly painting furniture or throwing parties or having huge family dinners or redecorating her house or doing something nice for someone.  I wish they could bottle up her energy and sell it in a bottle. I would buy boxes full!
 Laurie gave Harper this little outfit at her baby shower.  It says "Daddy's little monkey" and it was my favorite outfit for her to wear - so sweet and soft. I couldn't wait to put it on Hollis today!

And I can't forget Big Sister.  She has been so sweet - constantly wanting to look at the baby and asking if the baby is hungry or why the baby is crying or wanting to hug the baby.  I'm so glad to be home with her - I missed her so much!
 Hollis got her first little bath from us tonight. She did not love it but she was so sweet and clean when it was over. I could just eat her up with a spoon!

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