Thursday, March 17, 2011

Hollis Day 2

I have some time on my hands while I'm just sitting in my hospital bed between feedings so I thought I would share a few more pictures! I have NO idea what my blogging will look like after we get home. I may keep up with it daily and it may take me a while to get back in the groove. I want badly to keep blogging frequently because this is how I keep my memories but I also know two kids will be a challenge!

Three of my favorite women from church came to visit me last night. I thought that was so sweet! I am thankful for "older" women in our church who invest in those of us who are younger.  They have no idea what their wisdom and encouragement mean to us!
Harper is just in love with her little sister.  She continues to pat her and kiss her and call her "BABY". 

Here is a close up of Hollis' hair.  She has a lot of it - I think I can just stick bows in it already! 

Laurie brought her girls to see Hollis this morning. Sarah Kate has been saying for weeks that she wanted to "see Kelly's baby and hold her and feed her". ha! 
The very first picture of our four girls together.  I look at this picture and just want to pinch myself.  It is just a reminder of all those days Laurie and I would lay around our duplex and watch "A baby story" on TLC and dream of the day we would have families of our own.  We are so blessed to have four beautiful girls who love each other!
Harper has been having the time of her life.  Having all her grandparents here has spoiled her rotten. She just runs from one person to the next hugging and loving them.  She has been so wound up but has been really good.  She hasn't wanted much to do with me.  Mostly because I'm laying in this hospital bed and I think it's kind of weird to her.  
Scott is pretty smitten with his two girls.  He has been so sweet with her. We got her dressed up this morning! She had to go to the nursery for a while and the nurse said she was the fanciest baby there! ha! 
Some of my friends came to visit today and I loved it! They were so sweet to come see me and Hollis.  This is my friend Kacy and Melissa.  They were festive for St. Patrick's day!
My sweet friend Bethany!
Julee and Jennifer came and it was fun to visit with them! 
And Rebekah came by so it was fun to have all of them here this afternoon! Thanks y'all for coming to visit me!! You made my day!

It's been a nice day.  I'm moving very slowly but feeling pretty good. Hollis is such a good baby. She seems to be able to sleep through anything so maybe God has answered my prayers for a good sleeper this time! She is really laid back and easy (except when she is hungry or has a dirty diaper - but can you blame her on that?)

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