Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Hollis' birthday!

I want to start off by saying thank you to so many of you who have prayed for our family! I have really struggled with anxiety over the birth of Hollis - so scared of things going wrong.  Yesterday my Bible Study group prayed over me and last night my whole family prayed over us and between that and knowing so many others praying - I had a HUGE peace going into today.

The last picture of our family of 3.  I hadn't shared that I had a scheduled c-section planned for today for several private reasons.  We chose to do this for the very best for Hollis and I'm so thankful that was our plan.  My doctor shared something with me after it was over that completely confirmed that decision. 
My parents, Scott's parents and my brother and SIL all came in last night to be here today.  My parents kept Harper so the four of us could go out for dinner last night which was so fun! 
We had to be at the hospital at 5:30 this morning.  Our families were all there to be there when Hollis was born.  This was me being wheeled to the operating room and Harper came to say bye to us. 
I love that Scott had to wear scrubs!
Harper checking out her new sister in the nursery! Laurie was there for the birth this morning too which meant so much to me!
Can you see all my family watching through the window? I have never been so happy as when Hollis came out and was crying and the nurse told me quickly that she was perfect! Thank you Jesus!
Hollis has a TON of black hair.  So far I don't think she looks like Harper at all. She looks more like me as a baby.  Tomorrow I am breaking out the big bows for that hair!!! :-)
Our family of FOUR!
Harper loves her little sister! She has kissed and hugged her all day and said "I love you" to her over and over.  It is such a blessing to see her love her!

My sweet new girl!
I am so swollen in my pictures - but we feel so blessed!
The grandparents are LOVING their new grandbaby.  I'm so thankful for them because they have helped with Harper so much and with Hollis as well! We are VERY blessed to have such a loving family!
Scott surprised me BIG time today with a new laptop.  Mine was very old and was missing keys. I think he has wanted to get me a new one for a while but I probably would have trucked along with my old one forever.  He told me after having two big babies - it was the least he could give me.  He has been so great with the end of my pregnancy and today.  He is such a good dad and I'm thankful every day I was patient to wait for God to bring me my husband and sweet girls!

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