Thursday, February 03, 2011

Outing and Praises

So we are on snow day #3 and school has been cancelled for tomorrow (which the kids in our town will now be going to school until about July) so it looks like we will be at home probably at least until Sunday and they are calling for more snow next week. I'm a girl who likes to go and likes my routines so I'm hoping to not endure two weeks of being snowed in.
THANKFULLY my friend Kacy who lives just around the corner from me invited us to come over and play today. I could easily walk to her house but I'm scared to death to take a step outside being almost 9 months pregnant so I had Scott drive us over. It was SOOO nice to talk to a human and Harper loved playing with Wells. He has a lot of cool toys. And she even really liked his baby brother Davis. She kept patting him real sweet which made me happy - hopefully she will love Hollis too! ha!

When Scott picked me up he asked me if I wanted to go to Sonic. That is TRUE LOVE right there - he knows my love language. He didn't even get anything - just took me. I think he knows I'm on the brink of a nervous breakdown from being cooped up. Remind me this summer to not complain about the heat! :-)

ANYWAY - thank you for praying for the requests I gave yesterday. Honestly it's really hard sometimes because I feel like all I ever read are sad stories. It's so hard to hear of so many sick kids or babies or mothers with illnesses.
BUT there is so much good in the world too! I try to have perspective - as much as being cooped in the house is hard with a very active toddler - I'm so thankful she is a healthy toddler and it makes me pray harder for those dealing with sick kids. And I have SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO much to be thankful for. Mainly right now that we have power and heat! and food!

I thought maybe we could have a day to count our blessings! Want to play along and leave a comment on something you are thankful for or for any praises you might have????

I"ll start -
I want to give a VERY MUCH needed update! I started this prayer blog back when I was pregnant with Harper to pray over names of girls who so wanted to be mothers. There are 602 names on the prayer list. 204 are either pregnant or have had babies since then!!! That's a little over a third. And I have a feeling it might be closer to 50% because I'm sure many of these girls have had babies and forgot to let me know. (if you are on the list and have a praise - will you email me so I can update the praise list? kellyskornerblog(at)gmail(dot)com.)
Isn't that AWESOME!!!! I believe one day - every name on that list will be a praise!!!! And it gives me so much hope and joy!!!!!!
UPDATE: I've heard from 19 more - so 223 praises!!!

Now - you share.........................................................

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