Thursday, February 03, 2011

Super Random Snow Post

We are on day #2 of being snowed in and it's looking like it might be Saturday before we really get out. I'm trying to think positive thoughts and not go too crazy. ha! We just stayed in our pj's and played today so I didn't take any pictures and I really have nothing to share except that I am thankful Harper has learned to love the "Berenstain Bears" because Elmo and Mickey were getting old REAL quick. (Yes - we have watched a lot of videos but I'm big and uncomfortable and can't move much so I'm doing what I can. ha! )

So American Idol has LONG been Scott and I's favorite show to watch together. We don't agree on many shows - but this is the one thing we always sit down and watch and we LOVE it. But I have to admit I wasn't too excited about this season - in fact I didn't even know if I'd watch. I really turned up my nose at the idea of Steven Tyler and J-Lo as the judges.
BUT I WAS WRONG!!!! DEAD WRONG! I LOVE them!!!!! What do y'all think? I think Jennifer seems really nice - maybe being a mom has made her that way and I am LOVING Steven Tyler! Yes - he's a rocker and a little crazy (and needs to not cuss so much ha!)- but he is really nice deep down and I think I may love this season more than any of them.
There is a fun blog that is all about fashion and beauty and all things stylish and they recently asked if they could feature me as a blogger. I think it's funny that I'm on a blog about fashion (i.e. my picture in the last post in sweats and "mom hair" ) but they were SO nice! Anyway - they did the interview today on their blog! You'll have to check it out.

And finally - just a few prayer requests. I feel overwhelmed sometimes with sadness for all the things going on in our world. I feel burdened to pray and sometimes I just don't know where to start. Remember God knows our thoughts and he knows our requests before we even say them. If you just picked one of these to pray for - that would be great!

1. First - remember the people of Australia. They have that horrible cyclone hitting them after all they have been through recently - it's devastating.

2. I don't know this girl personally - but so many people that I know in real life - do know her. Sarah is a young mom of two and she was diagnosed this week with a brain tumor. Please pray for her. She is in Houston and will have surgery to remove it soon.

3. Pray for Rebecca and Scott - they are friends of friends and had a preemie baby who lived two weeks and died today.

4. Pray for 15 month old Charley who had to have kidney surgery and it didn't go well and she is very sick and needs a transplant now.

5. I know many of you have kept up with or prayed for Kate McRae. This beautiful little girl was diagnosed with cancer a year and a half ago and she just had a new MRI and her cancer looks to be back and growing. Lift her family up.

6. One of my sweetest friends Rachel has a nephew who has battled neuroblastoma since he was about 3 years old. He is now 9 and his cancer has come back. Please pray for sweet Xander.

7. Sara is a 33 year old mother of two boys. She had a stillborn daugther born in December and they found she had stage 4 colon cancer soon after. She really needs our prayers.

Feel free to leave any prayer requests you might have in the comments and I hope everyone will read and pray for any that you might see! Have a great night! Stay Warm!!!!

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