Thursday, January 06, 2011

Some things.....................

I had a check up at the doctor today! Hollis' heartbeat was 150 and she is measuring right on track! I started getting paranoid this week with all the comments on how low I'm carrying her. I started thinking maybe "Hollis" is really a "Hudson". Which would be equally as wonderful but he would have to wear a lot of pink. But I just feel pretty confident she is a girl and I'm just carrying low this time. It's defenitely different. Harper kicked me up high so much and Hollis is WAY low. I just can't believe she will be here in about 9 weeks! Harper went with me to the appointment and I have to say she was pretty good. It makes me a nervous wreck to take her.
I got the CUTEST package today from a blog reader. She wrote me the nicest letter and she had made Harper this apron that I think is just the cutest thing ever. Almost as cute as it will be when she wears it to help me make cookies one day!
She also made Hollis some goodies! I'm treasuring putting little things in Hollis' dresser right now! I'm hoping we will get her crib up this weekend and her nursery will be almost there!

I wanted to share a few prayer requests I've received. There are so many heartbreaking things that happen - sometimes it's hard to understand. Sometimes I start wondering if any babies are born healthy and I have to be reminded that the internet makes the world a small place. And God is in control and has a purpose in everything. His purpose is to be glorified - in the good and the bad.

* Erika recently delivered triplets at 25 weeks. One of the triplets did not survive and the other two are in critical condition. This family also lost a baby about a year ago so I know they could use our prayers.

* On Christmas Eve a young couple was killed in a car wreck and only their 8 month old daughter survived. Pray for the family of this couple and for their daughter Emmie.

* Reagan Goforth is 10 months old and was recently diagnosed with SMA (which is the child version of Lou Gherig's). Her parents are expecting a little boy in May and the odds are high he could have the same thing. Please lift up this family.

* Jen Epper - delivered twins early due to preclampsia - one did not survive and one is in the NICU. She also has a two year old daughter.

* Pray for the Crettenden family who lost their son Aiden after 13 days of life. They think he passed away due to apnea. They could use our thoughts and prayers.

Thank you for praying for these. And I'm sorry again - but I just can't post every prayer request I'm sent. I would love for you to post your requests to This is an amazing source for prayer requests or send them to your local church. I'm just not always able to get them up. Thank you for understanding.

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