Wednesday, January 05, 2011


This post is mainly for me.

I want to write a few funny things Harper is doing and saying right now so I'll remember.

Harper can count to ten and she gets so excited when she does. She usually gets all the numbers right. We've taught her to hold up her fingers and say "Two" when we ask her how old she is. So cute!

Harper says "Hi Girl" to pretty much everyone we see (boy or girl).  Tonight she wanted me to do something and she said "Come on Girl".  ha! I had to remind her I was her mother - not a "girl".

When Harper has a poopy diaper - I usually must make a lot of gagging noises or say "GAH" a lot because for a month or two now when Harper makes me a "present" - she will come in and say "Poo Poo GAH!"  That's how I know it's time to change the diaper.

Also - when I'm changing her diaper she usually hates being wiped so I'm always saying "I'm sorry".  I didn't really realize I did that until lately everytime we change her diaper she will say "I'm sorry" in this really pitiful voice.  I had to explain to her MDO teacher today that if she said that - it was not because we were spanking her for pooping although it might seem like it. ha!

Harper's teacher at MDO told me today she was a little mother.  She spent the whole day following a little boy around and telling him exactly what to do.  She said it wasn't in a mean way - but in a motherly way.  I guess she is just preparing to be the bossy older sister.

When we are eating dinner - she will always look around to each person and say " it good?"

When she gets in trouble - she will close her eyes.  It's like she's thinking "You can't see me so you can't be mad".  It makes me laugh.

She loves to say "we hug" and then for us to hug. If I mention any of her friends - she will say "We hug!"  She has started saying all her friends names from church and school. It's so cute to hear her name them.

We must say "Harper NO!" a lot because now when Harper makes a mess or does something wrong she will say "Harper NO!" even before I can. ha! :-)

Tonight I told her we were having chicken and she started closing her eyes and saying "Chicken .....MMMMM". We got her on video. Please ignore how large and in charge I look and how I'm laughing like a hyena.

This age is EXHAUSTING. But it's also SOOOO fun. We go to bed every night laughing about all the things she said and did during the day.

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