Monday, January 10, 2011

Snow Day and Giveaway

 We got an inch or two of snow today (not as much as the rest of our state - the southern part of Arkansas got a TON of snow).  So we headed out for a little bit this morning to check it out.  I didn't have gloves for Harper so I put socks on her hands. ha!
 She didn't really know what to think.  We didn't stay out long because I made the mistake of letting Dawson come out with us and the UPS man came down on our street and he took off after him.  Dawson is OBSESSED with UPS and fed ex. So Scott had to come help me chase him down and we all had to go inside.
I wonder what she was thinking about the snow?

Do you have snow today? It seems like most of the country does.  We are enjoying a snow day but I'm hoping it clears by tomorrow - one snow day is about all I need. ha!

This was Harper last year in the snow - almost exactly a year ago.  She was barely walking!

And this is "Giant Frosty" - the enormous snowman Scott built her last year.  I told him if we get a big snow this year he has a lot to live up to because she couldn't appreciate the greatness of this snowman last year and she is going to need a bigger one now that she would enjoy it! Maybe we will get a big snow........

One of my favorite worship groups is Hillsong United.  They have a GREAT new CD out called "Yahweh".  It's a live CD and it has some great renditions of some of my favorite songs.  The video above is "Salvation is Here".  I'm giving away five copies over here: Head over there and leave a comment for your chance to win.

I'm doing this give away and one another and then I probably won't be doing many more give aways this year.  This is just not a give away blog and it's something I don't feel led much to do. Plus once Hollis comes - I may not have time to blog regularly much less do anything additional! :-)

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