Thursday, December 30, 2010

A menagerie of things..................

We are trying to get the nursery set up and Harper's room turned into more of a play room but the first thing that needed to be done was to make more room in our attic so we could move things like a double bed up there.  Scott and his dad have worked all day and most of last night adding wood and flooring to give us more space up there. I'm so thankful for them working so hard! Hopefully once that is done - we can start moving things around and make some progress! It's a big job! 
 I have to share this - Harper is turning two in two weeks (I can hardly believe it) and I decided that I just couldn't pull off a big party at home this year. (or even a little party).  So we are having it a local party place so we can invite lots of kids and it will be fun for them and the best part is I show up with a cake and leave and there is no cleaning or cooking or decorating involved! :-)  (And I think Harper and her friends will have more fun this way anyway).  Her invitations and cake and favor bags are all going to be Mickey Mouse since that is her favorite thing.  I wanted her to have a special birthday outfit (but one she could wear for months to come as well) so I had this made at SheSheMade.Com.  I LOVE how it turned out and with one of her cute peter pan shirts underneath - I think she will look precious! They made Harper's birthday outfit last year for me too!

(OBU friends - I just realized this outfit might be steering her towards being an EEE. ha! I'm going to have to throw in pink and green ASAP! ha!) 
 And they also made some goodies for our little sister! It makes it so much more real and exciting for me when I see Hollis' name on things!!! I can't believe I'm about to have another little girl!

I have been sent several prayer requests lately and I thought I would share a few. I apologize in advance because I'm not always able to share every prayer request I get. I'm hoping you will maybe find at least one in this list to pray for!

Mandy is a NICU nurse in SC and she lost a baby at 20 weeks in March. She became pregnant again with a son but went into labor at 24 weeks and delivered yesterday at 26 weeks. Baby Tyler weighed almost 2 pounds. If you could pray for he and his mother.

3 year old Jacob's parents struggled for years to have him and he is their miracle baby. He had an accident on Christmas eve and is now in the hospital struggling for his life with an extensive brain injury. Please pray for this family.

Shannon is the mom of a two year old little girl and two days ago her husband died of a heart attack. I can't imagine being left alone as a mother of a toddler. Please pray for this family.

Brie is a young mother in TX who was killed in a car wreck this week. She has two girls - 2 and 6 and was 7 months pregnant with a little boy. The word I got was the little boy was in critical condition - I'm not sure how he is . But please pray for this family - especially her husband Eric.

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