Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Happy Birthday and Merry Christmas Part Two

If you read my blog at all - you know that my best friend is Laurie.  We have been friends for almost 20 years. We always joke we are "common law sisters" because we lived together for 7 years after college.  I always think of her as the sister God let me choose for myself. :-)  And I consider her girls my nieces. I love them with all my heart and Laurie loves Harper and I know will love Hollis also. In fact - I'm pretty sure Harper loves Laurie more than me. ha!
Five years ago my first little princess niece was born.  I will never forget that night as long as I live.  She was so little and precious and I felt an instant bond with her. I was so thankful to be there that night.  She has always been VERY special to me. She was my little girl before I had any kids and when we were waiting for a baby - I would dream of having a little girl as sweet as Emily.

This was Emily on December 29, 2005
 and here she is today - the sweetest little 5 year old who will go to kindergarten this fall! I just can't believe how quickly time flies! She had a birthday party today with just a few of her little girlfriends so we went over this morning to take her a gift and wish her happy birthday!
 Our sweet girls - best friends!
 This afternoon Scott's parents came to visit so we could do Christmas with them.  Harper is excited to have more grandparents around and we enjoy them being here too!
 We opened gifts tonight.  I told them they should have just given her one gift because once that one is open -she has no interest in opening any more.  It was the same way on Christmas day!
 She did love this little princess tea set and dishes that she can use with her kitchen (that she still doesn't know she is getting!) We are doing major rearranging in the girls' rooms this week and then we can finally put her kitchen together and move it in her room. I can't wait - she will be SO excited!
 Face of WONDER!
 Her grandparents got her the cutest little car.  Can you tell if she liked it or not?
 I'm pretty sure Harper and Hollis will have a lot of fun riding in this little pink mobile!
 It even has Harper's name on  the back! We may have to paint Hollis underneath that in a couple of years!
Yes - my poor baby has a black eye. She got it before Christmas and I'm not even sure how. The poor thing falls down all the time.  Mostly because she CLIMBS all the time. She is so rough and tumble. Thankfully she's pretty tough so tears never last long. 

We have had a great Christmas season. I can hardly believe 2011 will be here in 3 days!

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