Friday, December 31, 2010


The last day of 2010 started off with a lot of excitement around here.  We woke up to Tornado Sirens. I'm terrified of storms so I woke up the entire family and ran in and grabbed Harper out of her bed and made a bee line for our closet. It was about 6:20. Harper went to bed late and this was probably the one morning she might have slept late but I wasn't taking any chances.  Luckily it blew over quickly but near us a small town was hit and three people were killed.  I hate living in tornado alley. And it's SO WEIRD to have on in December.

Today is the day when everyone is making their resolutions or goals for 2011.  I usually try to make a few - whether I can keep them or not.  But this year I have decided my goal for 2011 is to have no goals.
I've had to be realistic and remember I'm going to be very pregnant or have two small children through this year.  My goal is just to survive and try not to ruin their childhood. ha!
I can't imagine setting weight loss goals or organization goals or even spiritual goals this year.  In fact - my goal is to slow down. I have a feeling Hollis is going to force me to do just that. I want to try to capture every moment with my two girls and just treasure these days because they are so fast. I'm pretty sure this year will be a whirlwind and I won't remember half of what goes on. (Thank goodness for blogging).
I'm very type A and that can be a terrible fault when you are the mother of small children.  I'm sure many of you understand what I'm talking about.  I'm trying to sit back and take deep breaths and understand my house doesn't always have to be clean or look like a magazine cover (not that it does - but part of me always wants it to - I mean what if someone just dropped by.  And let's be honest - I've spent my whole life worrying about my house being clean in case someone just dropped by and so far no one has. ha!) The girls don't always have to have the cutest outfit with matching bows on and I don't always have to be dressed.
I don't have to sign up to serve our church in every need I see in the bulletin - because that is my first tendency.  I don't have to be the first one to answer an email when one of my friends needs a sitter or help. I will try - but I don't have to.  I can let my self off the hook a little because these two little girls right now are my mission field.  Serving them and taking care of their needs IS and should be my main goal this year. And Scott - I'm trying not to forget him in the midst of the crazy life of motherhood.
What are your goals for 2011? Are you like me and just need to focus more on letting go of a lot of stuff and just live in the moment. I know these days to come this year are going to wear me out and I may shed a few tears of exhaustion but I also know they are the BEST DAYS of my life and I'm so blessed and the next thing I know my girls will be getting in cars with their friends and waving bye and I'll have all the time in the world to clean my house and read books and serve on committees.

And probably cry about how much I miss having a toddler and a baby at home. :-)

Happy New Year Friends!!!!!

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