Sunday, December 12, 2010

Birthday Parties and Years gone by

One of the things I'm most thankful for is a big group of sweet friends. And I think one of my favorite things is we all have young kids around the same age and I always pray we will all stay close so our kids can grow up together. One of Harper's friends Neely had her third birthday party last night at Little Gym and we had so much fun.
This is Alex - he is a month older than Harper. Harper was saying his name last night for the first time. I think they will be pretty good buds!
Most of the kids lined up waiting for a game. I love all these kids and their parents! One of my BIGGEST prayers is that Harper will always be surrounded by good friends. I think that your life can be SO directed by who you choose to spend time with. I pray that God gives her Godly and precious friends throughout her life.
The birthday girl Neely! She is one the smartest, most grown up 3 year olds I know. And her mother is one of my favorite people!
I love these cute twins - Ruby and Molly. They are two months younger than Harper and just precious!
I got SOOOO tickled last night because Harper was TEARING UP her piece of cake. Bless her heart - she loves sweets. A little boy Drew who is 4 was sitting by her and he said "She isn't talking much - she just eats a lot". My friends and I were all cracking up because I said "That's what all her dates are going to say one day". and my friend Amber said if Alex ever wanted to take her out - they would know to give him extra money to feed Harper. ha!
Cute little John Michael
Wells is one of my favorite boys. And he has a 6 month old brother Davis that I could eat with a spoon!
The cute cookies my friend Robin made for the party!
Some of my very favorite friends - these girls are what make being in this season of life SO fun! (and maybe help from going completely crazy!) ha!
I LOVE this!
These are all pictures I have had made in the same week in December three years in a row. The reason I love it is just looking at how much life changes in a year. It's also such a good reminder to me that we never know what a year may bring. Wonderful blessings or times of trial or pain. I look at that girl in 2008 who was a month away from having a baby. She had no idea that baby would be born so sick and would spend a month in the NICU. Then I look at me last year and think how blessed I felt and I would have never dreamed in a MILLION years that this year I would be 6 months pregnant with another girl!
It makes me wonder what 2011 will look like. Our life could be super blessed and I'm holding my two girls or we may have gone through tough times. Scott could lose his job, one of us could get sick, our parents could get sick, the girls could get sick.............but the one thing I know is no matter what the circumstances - God will be with us through it all. All 365 days!

I just hope this little girl always looks at me this way! ;-)

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