Monday, October 18, 2010

2 Tickets to Paradise

I've been away from the computer for a few days! We just got back from a 5 day vacation in the Bahamas with our best friends Laurie and Steve. We had SUCH an amazing time but it's also good to be home.
We planned this trip back in the summer before I knew I was pregnant and it came at a perfect time. We almost backed out at the last minute because a hurricane was headed that way last week and we were afraid we would be in an awful storm the whole time but it ended up being wonderful weather. It rained the first night we were there and that is it.
We are SO thankful to our parents who kept our girls for us. I know the girls all had so much fun with their grandparents and Laurie and I will spend the next week trying to de-program them from all the spoiling! ha! It was so great to have time alone with Scott and with our friends. I think it's so important to make your marriage your top priority and have alone time - it may not be a vacation - maybe it's like our normal "dates" where we watch a movie and eat dinner together after Harper is in bed. But a few days away did wonders for us!
The Bahamas were beautiful. I was so happy to just lay in a chair in quiet and actually READ! I was in heaven. We ate a TON of good food and laughed a lot. But I think my favorite thing was the 10-12 hours of un-interrupted sleep I got each night. When you haven't had a full night of sleep in two years - that is the best gift you can get!
I love the beach - it is just my happy place. The oceans and the sand and the waves! Love it!
My mom was sweet to send us pictures of Harper every day and we talked to them every day to check on her! I was tickled that she confirmed for me that 1. Harper is very active 2. Harper is not a great sleeper AND 3. Harper is such a happy good natured girl. She really has become that in the last month or two and she's just a joy! She comes home tomorrow and I can't wait to get my hands on her. I have enjoyed the rest but I have missed her SO much!
We love anytime we can spend with Laurie and Steve. We are so lucky to have them as close friends who are more like family than anything.
I was 5 weeks pregnant with Harper when we went on vacation in Kauai. And I'm 18 weeks pregnant in the Bahamas with H #2! I will love to tell them when they are older about how they went with us on wonderful trips (in my stomach!) ha! Scott and I laughed that we should have named them Kauai and Nassau. ha!
My friend of almost 20 years!

It was wonderful to get away but it's also great to be home. I feel like singing that 90's song
"Back to Life, Back to reality" - time to unpack, go back to the laundry, baths, meals, housework - but I'll have the wonderful memories of our vacations in my head!
P.S. I told Scott as I went to bed last night that it was probably about to be my last full night of sleep for ANOTHER two years. I'll miss these sleepless nights one day, right?

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