Tuesday, October 19, 2010

21 months

Harper - you are 21 months!!!!

You weigh around 33 lbs, wear size 2T and sometimes 3T, a size 5 diaper and a size 7 shoe

I can hardly believe it when I see you because you are such a big girl - you are growing so fast and I know you will seem REALLY big when the new baby comes!

You have really changed in the last month. Knock on wood and cross my fingers - the months and days of you fussing and throwing fits seem to be behind us. You are just a very happy, good natured girl. You are still very strong headed but you don't fuss anymore (as much)!
You are so busy - we laugh at you because you tuck your head down and just run through the house. You aren't very interested in toys - you would rather play outside or get into things in the kitchen. You love just tupperware or dishes or cups.

You are such a little loving girl. You love to kiss and hug. You kiss Dawson about 10 times a day. He does not seem as thrilled. You kiss your dolls and LOVE to love on us. You love to have us group hug. You will push me to hug your daddy. You are so friendly - you love to wave and say hi or bye to everyone you see. I'm so thankful you are not shy.

You are SO funny. You will do all kinds of things to make us laugh. I see the little mischievous glimmer in your eyes sometimes and know you are thinking of a way to show out or do something funny. I think you are going to have the best personality!
You still don't sleep well but most nights if we are lucky - you only get up once and I'm happy with that. I've just accepted the fact that you are too busy to sleep!

Your vocabulary has just taken off! You repeat everything we say and say new words every day. You are even starting to recognize a few letters (thank you Sesame Street!) You are so smart! It is fun to watch you learn and discover new things! You wake up talking and go to bed talking.

Most mornings we will get you and put you in bed with us and we let you watch your favorite - Mickey Mouse so we can lay there for a few more minutes. You will watch for a little bit and then you always stand up and look at me and say "Eat Eat". You love to eat. You usually have oatmeal or yogurt plus fruit for breakfast. You love animal crackers! You have started really eating just about anything we eat.
I think the best thing I ever did was decide to put you in "school" twice a week! You LOVE it and I think it's made you more confident and outgoing! You run into church or school now and look back to wave and say "bye". I'm so glad the crying days are over! I think you have talked more and just really have shown new skills since going to "school"! I know you need that outside activity and attention! You need to be with kids and people! I love that about you!

I love watching you grow and change and wonder about the girl and woman you will become. I am SO proud to be your mother! You bring me so much joy! You are nothing like I thought my little girl would be - you are SOOOO much better! God blew me away on this one! I love you so much! I can't believe you will be TWO in just 3 more months!

(Your Nonny took all these pictures of you while you spent the week with her!)

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