Sunday, October 10, 2010


Scott's parents came for a visit this weekend.  I had this great plan that we would go Saturday morning to a local pumpkin patch/corn maze/petting zoo and I was so excited. UNTIL Harper was up the entire night Friday night and had a fever. Scott and I got about one hour of sleep and I didn't want to take Harper out if she had a fever. So we ended up staying home all day. We didn't even take any pictures except this a few one night at dinner when H was making silly faces again. 
I was SO thankful Scott's parents were here because I felt horrible all day Saturday. Scott's mom played with Harper and I was able to take two naps and felt more human by that afternoon. And Harper loves the attention from her grandparents. She said "Hi Pap-pa" and "Gigi" a thousand times. She was a talking machine all weekend. She can't talk enough these days. She repeats every word we say and she wakes up in the morning wanting to name everything she sees.

We watched a lot of football since we were home all day.  The Arkansas game was a little hard to watch but we ended with a win.  SEC football was CRAZY yesterday! I don't know if you watched any games but the SC/AL game, the FL/LSU game and the KY/Auburn games were all NUTS! You just never know what will happen on any given Saturday.
I got a burst of energy towards the end of the game and cooked us dinner. I had decided I wanted to try and make my mam-ma's famous chocolate pie for the first time. Clearly I need some serious help on making a meringue. I just don't have it down yet. It was only my second try. But the pie tasted good. The picture is a little sad but if you want a good recipe - I posted it on my recipe blog.

We stayed home from Church today because Harper hasn't been 24 hours without a fever and I didn't want to infect any kids. She feels fine other than her fever and slept pretty good last night but I know she needed to be home today.  Scott's parents left and Harper was sad to see them go. We were thankful to have their help and company this weekend!

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