Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Tinkerbell and Chicken Chow Mein

When Laurie first became a mother - she wrote out a whole list of things she wanted me to remember when I became one. She has always tried to share what to expect with me since she is a few steps ahead.
When I was pregnant - she told me everything that "What to expect when you are expecting" left out! The week before I had Harper she wrote me a letter and told me several things that she knew I would be experiencing with my new baby. It was her big sister advice to me.
I always joke that she is my pediatrician because 9 times out of 10 - I call her for advice on anything going on with Harper. Chances are she has already been through it with her girls and I just like to get her "medical" opinion. ha!
Her latest advice to me was to NEVER buy any dress up outfits for Harper. I'm pretty sure she was kidding but her girls have a ton of princess costumes and there is rarely a day you go over there that they aren't stripping off their clothes and begging to put one of those costumes on. I don't think the girls ever have friends over or that any of us ever have a play date without the little girls all putting on tutus or costumes. I think it drives Laurie crazy that they want to change their "costumes" 100 times a day. What can you say - girls love to dress up.

(Don't ya'll think Harper has total Carol Brady hair? ha!)

So I tried to heed her advice but when a little girl, Abbi, in my parents church decided to hand down her tinkerbell costume to Harper - I just couldn't resist. It was a big hit and Harper has being going to the closet and pulling out the wings every day. It won't be long until it's snow white and cinderella and sleeping beauty every day at our house. (and I can't wait!)
And on a totally different note - when I was in college I would often go spend the weekend with my grandparents because they lived closer than my parents did. Plus my mam-ma would cook me amazing meals and they would each take me aside and give me money. ha! I loved my grandparents so much and they have both since passed on. Every time I would go - my Mam-ma would make me chicken chow mein and her famous chocolate pie. And it would be SO good! (and then my Pap-pa would say "that school cafeteria must be really good" (because I got a little chubby in college. ha!) It's probably been 15 years since I had her chicken chow mein but for the last week or two - it's ALL I can think of. I thought I had written down her recipe but I couldn't find it. I asked my mom for it yesterday but she couldn't find it either but we collaborated and think we got close to the recipe. So I made it for lunch today and it was as good as I remember. It makes me wish I was sitting at my Mam-ma's kitchen table.
I put the recipe here on this blog:

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