Friday, September 10, 2010

Halloween winner

I haven't posted yesterday or today because it hasn't been the most pleasant of days here at the Stamps house. Harper was up EVERY 30 minutes screaming Wednesday night. It was the worst night of her life in 20 months. I knew something must be wrong so I made a doctor's appointment and before we could even get there - she developed a high fever and had ear drainage so unfortunately the poor baby has had a painful infection. Last night was a little better (only up every 2 hours screaming) but we have both pretty fussy and VERY tired today. Honestly - I'm exhausted. I haven't slept in over a week.

I'm not writing all that to complain - just to explain that I've been too tired to do much. ha!

BUT I did want to post the winner of the cute Halloween pail - it's Amy at! Yeay!!! And if you want one for yourself - don't forget to visit !!!

Also - I think for Show us your life Friday - we are going to start next week and do the House tours by room again! A lot of you missed out on the first round and have requested it again and honestly - it was my favorite thing! It's not about having the finest mansion (some of my very favorites are the apartments or dorm rooms!) - it's just fun to get a little peek into people's homes and sometimes we get great ideas and sometimes you just get to know that blogger a little better! I never want it to be a parade of "who has the most stuff". It's just for fun and to open our doors and visit!!! So clean up your living rooms and we will start there next Friday! :-) I'll post a schedule sometime this week. (If I get sleep first. ha!)

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