Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Some random things................................

This morning Harper and I headed out to my favorite thing at our church - women's Bible Study! I absolutely love going to learn more about God and to fellowship with all my friends! Tuesday mornings are my favorite part of the week! We had a huge turnout this morning and I was so excited to be back.
This is the study we are doing and I think it's going to be amazing. My best friend Laurie is leading one of the small groups but her little girl was sick today so I had to sub for her. I was SO nervous but we had a great group who shared a lot so hopefully it wasn't too horrible. ha! I'm excited about being challenged through this study!
And then I was a little sad when I found out Harper got in trouble in the nursery for punching kids. I think she is the class bully. I told her she needed to be sweet like Jesus - not mean like the devil. Hopefully that will change with age and direction! :-) (I don't think she's a mean child - she just has the normal selfish nature plus being a strong willed child. )

One of my good friends Stephanie makes all kinds of personalized items and she is making the cutest halloween buckets! Perfect for filling with all that candy your kids are going to come home with! She is letting me giveaway one on my review blog : www.kellyskornerreviews.blogspot.com. Go and leave a comment there and sign up to win! and if you don't win - check out the buckets and designs HERE and you should also look at the cute fall design shirts she has for kids!

Compassion Bloggers: Guatemala 2010

And last but MOST important - the best thing I've ever had happen to me was getting to be a part of a Compassion blogger trip last fall! It was an amazing trip that really opened my eyes and heart! and there is a new group of bloggers headed out today to Guatemala and I'm excited to read about what they will see and experience. I hope you will follow along! Shaun, Patricia and Keely are leading the trip and they also led my trip. I admire and like each one of them so much. They have dedicated their lives to serving God and helping these children in poverty. And the bloggers they chose are a pretty great group! I'm especially excited about Amanda who I know is my BFF separated at birth (if we could just ever manage to meet.) Pray for this group and I hope you will read what they will be writing this week! Compassion is an amazing organization who is doing so much to help families all over the world!

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