Friday, September 17, 2010

Show us your life - LIVING ROOMS


So it's the FIRST week of "show us where you live" Friday! This week is living rooms!

I did "Show Us your life Fridays" all last year and took a break over the summer but we are starting back with home tours because so many of you asked for it! This was my favorite thing we did because I'm nosy and love to look at houses! I think it's a great way to get ideas and just get to know bloggers! Remember it's NOT about who has the biggest or best house but about being thankful for what we have and sharing it with each other! If you live in a dorm room or a small apartment - I would LOVE for you to share that! We can all get ideas and have fun!

My living room has not changed in a year so I'm recycling most of my old post here! :-)

This is my living room as you walk in from the front door
Looking in from the dining room. I like having the two couches facing each other - it makes for a good conversation set up. And before we had Harper - Scott and I each would lay on one of the couches and watch TV. Our rug came from Ballard Designs and is a indoor/outdoor rug which is SO practical. I could take it outside and hose it off if I needed to clean it. I can spill pretty much anything and it wipes right up - which is nice with a baby and a dog. And it was very cheap compared to most big area rugs.
This is our TV cabinet. I just loved it when we found it. I'm still not 100% satisfied with the things I have on display in the glass shelves ....But I'm working on it.
This is a sofa table my parents got me a couple of years ago that I love. It's sitting behind our couch and I love the decorations I have on here. My favorite things are these vases with the "fake" pears.
This is an old picture so the baby swing is no longer there (although it will be back soon) but everything else is the same! I got the zebra pillows at a sample sale from one of my friends who works for a company that sells pillows to Wal-Mart. I got them for $5 each and I love them.

This is looking at the chair where Scott normally resides. We just got a leather ottoman this winter and he spends most of his time there. The door to the left leads to the kitchen and the one on the right goes to our family room.
Another view from the back of the living room towards the dining room and front door


Remember the rules:
1. Please link to your post, not your blog. If you don't know how - just click on the title of your post once it's done and copy the url up in your browser and then paste it back here.
2. If you add your name but don't have a living room tour - I'll delete your link.
3. Just have fun!


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