Thursday, September 16, 2010

20 months

Harper - you are 20 months old.
I have started saying you are "almost two" which I can hardly believe comes out of my mouth.

You wear a size 2T and sometimes a 3T.
You just started wearing size 7 shoes.
Last week you weighed 32 pounds.

You talk more and more every day and have so much to say!

One of your favorite things to do right now is call the hogs. (I can't imagine why). You will randomly throw up your hands and say "whooooooo" all the time and just laugh and laugh when we do it with you.

You started Mother's Day out this month and it's been so good for both of us. When I tell you in the morning you are going to "school" you always smile and act happy. You seem to really like it. Having a break from each other has been great for both of us! I think it's helping you grow and socialize!
You are SOOOOOOOOOO busy. You run around the house in constant motion. You never just sit still and play with a toy. You have to be constantly in the drawers, cabinets, and anything else I'd rather you not be in. You keep me on my toes.

You are not scared of anything. You are my little dare devil. Today at play group you were climbing a rock wall that the 3 and 4 year old boys were climbing. You didn't even hesitate. Your favorite thing now is to climb up on the beds in the house and they are tall. I can't let you out of my sight.
You've become a picky eater. You usually eat a great breakfast but I never know if I can get you to eat anything for lunch or dinner. And you have NO desire to sit still and eat. Sometimes I just let you run around and eat while you run. I'm learning to pick my battles.

You are just funny. You do things that just crack me and your daddy up! Every night after you are in bed - we will sit and talk about you and just die laughing at all the things you did and said during the day.

You LOVE music. You love for me to sing songs to you at night. It's the one thing that will calm you down and get you to go to sleep. I usually sing "Jesus Loves me" "Jesus loves the little children" "Jesus - there's just something about that name" "Tis so sweet to trust in Jesus" (are you noticing a trend?) You listen to music in the car and just clap your hands and sway your head. Especially if it's one of your favorite songs.
You are SO headstrong and strong willed. We are in a constant struggle. I pray that God will use that to benefit you as you grow and help you to be a leader. Right now - it's a huge source of worry to me because you are constantly pushing other kids around. People tell me it's a stage and I hope they are right. Deep down I know you will be sweet girl with a kind heart. We just have to get past the terrible 2's! ha!

You like to point to my stomach and say "Baby" but you like even more to point to daddy's stomach and say "Baby". Usually you shake your head no if I try to tell you I have a baby in my stomach. I don't think you like the idea of that. ha!

Your little smile just lights us a room and my heart. I prayed God would give me a daughter and you have been the light of my life for the last 20 months. I pray that we will always have a close relationship. Your daddy and I love you SO much!

This was you one year ago exactly in polka dots in the same chair. You look so itty bitty. I could just cry looking at this picture because I miss that tiny girl. I wish I could go back in time and just hold you that small once more. The age you are now is a HARD one but I'm trying to treasure it because I know 5 years from now - I will want to go back and scoop up that toddler in these pictures and kiss your sweet face.

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