Friday, September 17, 2010

Hog and Baby Spirit

* Scroll down to the next post to tour a bunch of living rooms this weekend!!!!!

Tomorrow is game day and it's a big day for my #12 Arkansas Razorbacks. We are headed to Athens, Georgia to take on the Bulldogs (11 central on ESPN if you want to call the hogs with me!) and I'm as nervous as a cat. I just want to win so badly. Because next week we have the #1 Alabama Crimson Tide coming to our house (not my house literally but Razorback stadium) and I have a feeling Game Day might broadcast from here if we are both in the top 10 and it will be the biggest game and my sweet mom is keeping Harper so I can actually go to the game! Do you feel my excitement?
So what is a girl to do but dress up her baby girl for MDO in this Razorback ensemble.
It's okay if you just squealed because I did too this morning. The cuteness overtook me.

(and because I know you will ask me - her dress came from HERE when she was a baby and we can finally wear it and I just ordered her shoes from HERE.)
You kind of want to call the hogs right now, don't you?
Unless you are a Georgia Bulldog. And you have to know if I had to pick a state right now to move to - it would be Georgia. And I would want to immediately have a Georgian accent. And my second favorite SEC team is Georgia and I really admire your coach. But I hope you still understand when I say I really hope we beat you tomorrow! :-)

To add to my razorback spirit - my sweet friend Robin brought me some of her amazing cookies this week. I mean it's still almost 90 degrees around here and my boots and sweaters are crying out to be worn - but this plate just screams "Hello Fall!" :-)
And how cute are these? I just got this cute flower pin for me to wear to the Bama game and a matching hair clip for Harper to wear. It came from HERE and I think she can do just about any school - not just razorbacks. But FYI - you would look cool sporting the hogs no matter what state (or country) you live in!

And this doesn't involve Hog spirit but more like getting in the baby spirit ......I went to visit my friend Jennifer in the hospital today. She just had baby Jillian and she is PRECIOUS! She was a 9 lb baby and so we have the bond of big baby girls! Doesn't Jennifer look great? How did she JUST have a baby?
Jillian's Aunt Jill (who by the way has the most perfect "poof") showed Harper the baby. Harper was NOT impressed. And then I held Jillian for a few minutes and Harper had a complete meltdown. Crying, turning red, reaching out for "momma". I'm not sure how we are going to do this in six months. She did however admire Jillian's "bow". (Which I've seen numerous pictures of Jillian since she was born less than 48 hours ago and she's had no less than 6 different bows on already). I told her dressing a little girl and putting bows in her hair NEVER GETS OLD! :-)

Happy Weekend and GO HOGS!

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