Saturday, September 11, 2010

Football Saturday

I used to dream of being a razorback cheerleader. Who knows - maybe Harper will be one instead! :-)
She knows how to shake her pom poms
She's got that cheerleader smile
and she can Call the Hogs like nobody's business!
When we found out we were pregnant with Harper - our friends Mike and Kacy gave us this as a baby gift. They know us well! ha! I pulled it out of the back of Harper's closet for the first time today while we watched College Game day. She wasn't too interested in playing a memory game just yet - she just wanted to dump all the cards on the floor over and over - but she's never too young to learn the teams of the SEC. ha ha ha! (I had some people ask me on twitter where they could get this - I found it on Amazon for you!)

Tonight all 3 of us (or should I say all 4 of us) are sitting on the couch watching the Hogs play Louisiana Monroe. We aren't playing too hot so far. Hoping for a good halftime speech. ha!

GO HOGS (or whatever team you support!)

9/11/01 - May we never forget

P.S. Love THIS POST by Amanda on the Compassion trip to Guatemala!
P.P.S. Harper is feeling much better. Last night was Scott's night to get up with her and she got up ONCE! Isn't that the way it always works?? ha! I'm just thankful I finally had a full night's sleep! And that she did too!

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