Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Maternity clothes and enchiladas

Today was Mother's Day out and it was a good one. Harper didn't cry when I dropped her off which was nice and she was pretty happy when I picked her up!
(I got her outfit at the Carter Outlet store. It was sort of cool this morning and I'm just ready for fall - but it was almost 90 by this afternoon - so it was probably too early for her to wear it!)

I tried to use today to be productive. I cleaned out my closet and only left things I think I might could fit into for the next six months. That didn't leave a lot. ha! I'm hoping to get maybe a few things to wear. I don't like to spend a lot on maternity clothes so I'm thinking maybe a good pair of jeans and then sweaters and tops that I can also wear after the baby comes. (Because I was still wearing maternity clothes LOOOOOONNNNNNGGGGG after Harper was born. ha!) (Something you don't really realize will happen the first time around).

I also cooked enchiladas for lunch. I usually eat sandwiches every single day for lunch but something about sandwiches makes me want to gag right now so I feel like I need to make a hot lunch every day. I know Scott is enjoying that since our kitchen is his office cafeteria. ha! On another note - I keep buying snacks at the grocery store and then I get them home and they make me want to gag. This is not good. ha!

Could you please pray for a blogger friend, Krista? Krista lost a baby girl at 21 weeks a few years ago and recently lost a son at 16 weeks. Tomorrow she has to have a surgery from complications from her pregnancy. It's unusual and scary and she could use your prayers. You can read more about it on her blog.

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