Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Visits from Friends

Harper and I got a few visits today from friends! This little sweetie, Grayson, came to visit while his momma had a meeting. I kept him for about an hour and he was so sweet. I've forgotten how small little babies are! Harper was supposed to be napping while he was here but she wasn't so I took him into see her and she was SO excited. She kissed him (from afar) and pet his feet and just loved him! It was sweet!
Later in the day Emily and Sarah Kate came to visit. I had just been to Wal-Mart and bought Harper a little shopping cart. I've been looking for one. I knew she would like it. Unfortunately it caused a lot of drama because someone did not want to share. This was the first time friends have been to our house where she was possessive of her toys. She didn't want Emily or Sarah Kate touching anything. There was non stop fighting and crying. I told Laurie maybe when she and SK were 4 they could finally be friends.

Sweet Sarah Kate
Emily is so cute and grown up. She is so sweet to Harper. I'm hoping Harper will grow up and be as sweet as her when she is 4.
Emily loves this horse and every time she comes over she gets the horse out and puts bows in her hair. She wanted to pose with the horse. It made me laugh.

Also - I guest blogged today for At Home In Arkansas magazine's blog! I wrote about children's fashion on a budget. Thought you might like to check it out!

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