Thursday, August 12, 2010

Game Day

It's that time of year again - football season! Scott LOVES football. He will watch every college and pro game from tonight (because there are two on tonight) until the Super Bowl. EVERY game. Now I love football more than most but it starts to get old when there is a game on pretty much every night of the week.

I don't care too much for the NFL but I LOVE me some college football! Especially the SEC! Ya'll know I'm a huge razorback fan. So as September gets closer I'm thinking of football Saturdays and two very important questions (besides what will be our record because I'm saying 10-2 for this year) - What will we eat when we watch the game (if we aren't there) and what will we wear on game day! :-) Because in the south - the game day outfit can be as important as the game itself, am I right SEC girls?

There is an AR blogger who wanted a cute shirt to wear on game days and she has made this cutie! I thought it looked especially cute with the turquoise necklace. Now y'all know I love to dress up for game days but you could dress this up or wear it on the days you are at home watching it on TV in air conditioning! ha! If you are a HOG fan and interested in this shirt (or if you live in a different state and just want to pretend you love the hogs - order HERE!) (I think it will say you have to order by 8/10 but you can still order!)
Last year I found this cute site called Tru Colors. This girl wanted cute outfits in SEC colors and she has created all kinds of cute dresses and tops in school colors. (Non SEC schools - you can probably find your colors here too!!!)
She sent me a sneak peek of a few outfits - I think the website won't be running until 8/30 but you can check back. I know she added Clemson, Tennessee and South Carolina colors in this year. Most dresses and shirts come in a lot of color combos. Just thought you game day girls might want to start looking in advance for cute outfits in your school colors!

Of course the big question at our house will what will this cute little fan be wearing for game days??? :-)

I think it's time for a roll call - what is your school? It doesn't matter the conference or if you are an NFL girl instead - you can give out your team spirit here too! I've had a lot of people on twitter ask me about the HOG CALL!!! We do it at all games and it's a big tradition in Arkansas. This is a fuzzy video at a game of the fans calling the hogs! Whoooooooo Pig sooie!!!!

Also - my friend Flint has started a website dedicated to SEC and BIG 12 football! He will be exploring everything from football news to where to eat and shop in college towns. It should be a fun site to check out this fall! Take a peek :

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