Monday, August 02, 2010

Swimming and Talking

We have swim lessons this week. Every morning all week long. We also have some sort of appointment every single afternoon - doctor, vet, car, etc......this week is going to do me in. ha! I wasn't sure how Harper would do at swim lessons but she really seemed to like it. She smiled the whole time. She just spent most of the time trying to get down and away from me (in the pool) - ha! I think she wanted to do her own thing.
I had to show ya'll a picture of her in her suit and hat. I thought it was the cutest thing. She would NOT wear her hat except for a quick picture.
This is her in her little cover up before we left. She just steals my heart. I hope we enjoy the whole week of lessons. It's really more about letting the babies get used to the water. Harper LOVES the water so I'm glad we can start early.

Harper's vocabulary is really starting to take off. I think just over the weekend she started saying 4 or 5 new words. Our favorite is "bow". She says it SO funny! Scott and I both have slight southern accents (okay - I know ya'll think my accent is not slight- but trust me - spend some time in South AR or MS or AL or GA - I'm practically a yankee. ha!) but Harper sounds like she was born in Georgia or raised in Texas. She has a huge drawl and it makes us laugh. We make her say bow over and over. This afternoon she learned to say banana and Bible. I'm cracking up at how she says Bible but tickled that it's one of her first words. I tried today to get her to say a few of her new words. Here's a little video for you!

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