Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Swim Lessons

This week has been consumed with swim lessons. They are 30 minutes away so by the time we leave in the morning and come home - half the day is gone. This was Harper before we left yesterday in her little watermelon suit and cover up.

Here she is roaming the pool before lessons.
This ranch is run by an older couple. The man was once the U of A swim coach. They have ran this swim ranch for 35 years. It 's a really neat place.
Don't let the smile on this little ballerina fool you. She was all smiles this morning, laughing in the car, having a great time. UNTIL the lesson started. She did SOOO good Monday and Tuesday but she cried and screamed the entire hour today. It was horrible. And she's been fine since. (and hopefully taking a LONG nap). I'm going to have to really talk myself into going back tomorrow.
Bless her heart - she and I look a lot alike in our swimsuits - chunky legs and all. ha! The lessons have done me in - I was exhausted yesterday. But I'm glad we have taken them. I hope Harper will always love the water.

(She does have a lot of swimsuits - the watermelon one was a hand-me-down, the pink tutu was on clearance at old Navy for $5, and I got the giraffe one at Gymboree with gymbucks so it looks like I'm crazy - but I barely spent anything for them! We have one more for tomorrow that I bought at Target in the spring!)

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