Sunday, August 01, 2010

Sunday Stuff

I have just a bunch of stuff I wanted to tell you and/or update you on - so here is the list. (It's hot, Harper's napping - there is no better time!) ha!

  • I did not buy Blanche. She wasn't for sale. I ended up not going to the estate sale but Blanche is hopefully going to stay in their family. I will miss that girl.

  • A few weeks ago - an editor from AT HOME IN ARKANSAS magazine emailed me and said they mentioned my blog in their August issue. I was so tickled because I have read this magazine forever and it feels so weird to see my blog mentioned in it! They also have a blog and I may get to write a post for it!

  • I can't remember if I told you but I have decided to dance in Dancing with the NW AR Stars. I know I will be so embarrassed but when am I going to get such a fun chance again and it's for a great organization. Reality Check is a Christian based group who covers 10 local counties and goes into the schools to teach abstinence. They are losing a lot of their federal funding and so I hope this fundraiser will really help them. Coming soon I will post a web site where you can vote on-line for $1! I don't care about winning but I would love to help raise money for a great organization!

  • And finally - when I was 4 years old my family lived in New Orleans and my best friend's name was Twila. Her dad was our pastor and he was the one who actually led my dad to the Lord at that time and now my dad travels with his organization several times a year to different countries (he's going to India this month) to train pastors and evangelize. Their family has had an important role in my family's spiritual growth and now Twila (who I haven't seen since I was 6 and we moved away) recently had a baby (little Emory) who is very sick. He has a heart condition and is the NICU awaiting surgery. If you could pray for them - I would be so thankful. Here is their blog.

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