Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Tuesday - full of fun!

This has been a busy but fun day. Tomorrow we have nothing on our agenda and I'm pretty happy about that! I had to take Dawson to the vet today. He is having a lot of allergy issues. He needed several meds and a shot and we left with another hefty bill. Scott and I had to sit him down and tell him he was going to have to get a job - especially one with healthy insurance. ha! We kid - but yikes the dog is costing us a lot of money this summer. (He's so worth it).
I don't think I have to elaborate on how fun it is to take a VERY anxious dog and a very busy toddler to the vet together...........ha!
After Harper's afternoon nap - we went over to our neighbor's house for a little play time. My neighbor's sister and her daughter are here visiting from Georgia and they had been discussing different kids in the neighborhood and I guess our names came up and Jamie (who goes to Georgia Southern) and her friends all read my blog. Such a small world. I met her at church on Sunday briefly but they invited me over so we could visit.

Harper had a great time playing - there was a lot to explore and see!
My neighbors have four kids so that was a lot of entertainment for Harper. They made us some yummy cupcakes for a treat!
Tonight a bunch of girls from Sunday School got together and had a girls night. We went to my friend Amber's house and all brought ingredients to make dinner together. This is Amber and Elizabeth.
Me and Amanda - she is probably one of my funniest friends. She always makes me laugh - although I think 95% of the time she is laughing AT me - not with me. ha ha! (in a good way!)
Two Amy's.
Julie, Jessica, Mary Avery and Ginger - I had so much fun visiting with everyone. I came home and gave Scott a big hug for taking care of Harper and letting me get out for girls nights from time to time. I don't think he realizes how much it helps me to just have some time with friends.
I took Coca Cola cake. It was so good. I've only made it once before so I wasn't sure how it would be - but it was SO good. I posted the recipe here. You need to try it. You will thank me.

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