Monday, July 19, 2010

One of those days....................

Update: I added a little extra paragraph at the end

After doing VBS last week - I was just worn out and I kind of thought this week would be one of those quiet lazy weeks where we just stay at home every day. Or not. Instead it's one of those weeks where both of our cars are acting up and need to be put in the shop. We both drive cars that are 10 years old and I love it. We hate having a car payment so we have tried to avoid it as much as possible. But then you have those weeks where that dreaded check engine light comes on. Luckily I took mine today and it ended up being fine. Whoo hoo! It's also a week where Dawson needs to go to the vet for an issue and then suddenly all kinds of things have popped up on the horizon and my lazy week has turned into a very busy week.

But I wouldn't have it any other way!

My parents came over for a short visit today and I was so glad. They helped me with taking my car and dropping it off - always a pain to figure out when you have a toddler in tow. They also entertained Harper. She had such a good time with them.

She loves to put on a show for them. The girl is a ham and she loves an audience.
We got SO tickled at her today because I have been doing "time out" with her for the last few weeks. I put her in the corner of our guest room when she is being extra whiney or just having a meltdown and I tell her she can come out when she is happy or has a new attitude and it works SO well. Today she started fussing and I asked her if she needed to go to Time out. She sat and had this funny look on her face while she thought about it and then she got up - went in the guest room and PUT HERSELF in time out. We were dying. She came out and I said "Do you feel better?" - she got another funny look on her face - went back and sat back down in time out. And when she came out again she was happy and smiling. It was the funniest thing in the world.
That girl just makes me laugh every day. I think she is going to have a big personality and be very funny!

My MIL gave me this book last time they were here. I think I have gained 5 pounds just by reading it. I'm making a dessert for a dinner party I'm going to tomorrow night so I was trying to find something to make. I think I might make a Coca-Cola cake. Have you had that? It's SOOOOO good!

Hope you aren't having "one of those weeks" and that you have a good one instead!

It's Tuesday and Harper totally put herself in time out again! I think it's hysterical! A lot of you are asking me about it and I have to say first - I still have about 7 parenting books sitting on my nightstand that I can't find time to read and I don't like giving any kind of advice because it's all trial and error for me and what I find is every kid is different so what works for us - might not work for you. I have followed a LOT of advice on all kinds of things that just hasn't worked for us (i.e. my child still doesn't sleep through the night and you name it - we have done it). Spankings and reasoning were not working but a few weeks ago - I just sat her down in the guest room and said "I want you to sit here until you think you won't be fussy and can calm down and be happy" and she sat there for a minute and then came out happy. And for now it is working. In a month - it may not work anymore - who knows? I tried it at probably 15 or 16 months and it didn't work at all - so I think they have to be ready to sort of understand it. I've always thought "time out" was dumb - but if it's working for Harper right now - then I'm happy. I think she's learned that when she's upset or REALLY fussy - she just needs a quiet corner to calm down and then she's okay! I feel the same way sometimes! ;-)

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