Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Wordless Wednesday

Okay - so it's not really wordless Wednesday - but I just don't have too much to say today. We have stayed home most of the day and it's just been nice. Here are just a handful of completely random things -

I had some fresh tomatos and okra that I got recently at the farmer's market that I wanted to use and I knew it would make a good side for dinner - so I found a recipe and made it - it was DELICIOUS. If you like okra - try THIS recipe!

Our music intern sang this Christy Nockels song on Sunday and it was so good I just sat and wept. I love the words to this song. I can't get it out of my head so I thought I would share it with you - maybe you need to hear it this week!

And finally - I picked the winners of Lisa Whelchel's book "Friendship for Grown-ups" and I used random integer generator but forgot to capture the image - but here are the winners:

#86 Tracy at
#229 Brittany at
#614 Michelle - comment left on 7/14 at 7:20 a.m. (please email me if that's you)
#806 Holly Mitchell
#894 Stephanie at

and finally.....................................

A local charity that I really support is having a big fundraiser in November called "Dancing with the NWA stars". They asked me to dance in it. Pretty much all I could do was laugh when they called because 1. I'm not a star and 2. I can not dance. They would pair me with a professional and I would just have to learn one dance. If I do it - it's purely because I think it would be fun and I know all my friends will come and laugh at me (as they should). Would you do it? I told them I would let them know by Friday. It is a good cause - I just don't want to look like a baffoon. :-)

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