Tuesday, July 13, 2010


I remember two of my first friends. I was four and they went to church with me - Kari and Twila. We spent the night together many nights. During my grade school days - my family moved a LOT. I went to sometimes as much as three different schools in one year so making friends could be a challenge. Then in junior high we moved to a small town and I was blessed with many wonderful friends all though my high school years.
College was SO fun for me and I made a lot of amazing friends who are still my very close friends. As an adult - it is a bigger challenge to make and keep friends. Especially once you are married and have couple friends - and that can be like dating all over again. ha! Finding a couple that you both like can be interesting. ha!
I have found that right now in this stage of life - my girlfriends are more important than they have ever been. Being a mom of young children - it's so important to have other friends who you can just talk to - who really do care that your child doesn't sleep or doesn't want to be potty trained. Just today in VBS - I was talking to my friends about different discipline methods for toddlers. And sometimes I just like to be with my friends and laugh and laugh about silly stuff. I have been blessed all my life with the sweetest friends. But I've also had my share of friendship hurt and friendships that have been only for a season and have been lost.

Lisa Whelchel has a new book out called "Friendship for Grown-ups". It is on my stack of books to read because I think it's important to challenge yourself and learn how to be a better friend. I think it's something that most of us could really understand and benefit from. I've read a few chapters and it's so great!
If you don't know Lisa - she was a star of "Facts of Life" and "The Mickey Mouse Club". She is now a pastor's wife and Christian speaker and author. She is the mother of three grown children and she has written books about parenting and home schooling. I think she is an AMAZING woman and I am about to completely WIG out because on Thursday morning - I am going to be able to talk to her on the phone and do a short interview with her.

But I don't want to do it alone. I would love to hear any questions you might have for her - about her life, her new book, friendships, the Christian life, motherhood - lay it out for me. I'm going to take your questions and on Thursday afternoon/night - I'll share with you her answers! I wrote her a letter when I was probably 12 and joined her "fan club" and I was sent a black & white signed glossy picture that was one of my prized possessions. Probably 5 years ago - I saw her on something and realized she was a Christian and speaker and I found a new found admiration for her. Lisa's blog was actually the first one I ever read not by someone I knew. And then I was led to other blogs and that's how my love for blogging got started. So I am SUPER excited about Thursday and hope I don't sound like a crazy idiot. Please help me get ideas for questions - fire away in the comments!

Oh and P.S. I am giving away FIVE copies this week and will draw the winners on Friday! You can enter to win on my review blog. (and I posted the winners of the Sheila Walsh blog there also)!

(and yes - a lot of people in the last year have said we looked alike - and that's one of the best compliments ever - but I won't tell her that - it might hurt her feelings. ha! ha!)

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