Wednesday, July 14, 2010

All the Single Ladies

We are having a great VBS week. I'm just worn out. It's a lot of fun but keeping up with a bunch of 3 year olds for 4 hours a day will wear you out.
My favorite thing has been just watching Harper in her little class and having people tell me about her. I just get so tickled by things people say about her. She is just a little character! Her teacher this morning who has been in the nursery for 30 years told me she was just precious and sharp as a tack and that made me so happy. Isn't the best thing ever having someone tell you something nice about your children? To me it is!

Okay - On a totally different note...........

This week's SHOW US YOUR LIFE FRIDAY started out as a joke among friends on twitter and then the more I thought about it - I thought why not??? The theme is "Show us your single boys". I'm not sure exactly how this will go but here are my thoughts -

All of you who have a great single guy in your life (who doesn't mind you posting about him) - write a post and tell us about him! Tell us at least what state you live in because geography is obviously a factor.

AND THEN - all you sweet single girls - I need you to go through these links and if you see someone or read about someone who sounds interesting that might be close to you (or not) - I thought you could leave that blogger a comment with maybe your email address. Tell a little about yourself. Hey - maybe you could just do a post about yourself - show us a good picture of you - and then all of us married girls could send our single guys to read the posts??? I'm not sure - God is in the details.

BUT this is the key thing you have to remember - if ANYONE meets, dates and gets married from SUYLF - I MUST be invited to the wedding! ;-) Asking me to be a bridesmaid is totally optional. (oh I kid!)

Who knows what might happen???? But I think it's kind of a fun idea! No creepy people apply!

(Oh and I just want to add this in - if you participate - and you don't get any interest - I want you to know RIGHT NOW it is not anything to do with you but God does not have that person for you through "Kelly's Korner eHarmony". ha ha!)

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