Monday, July 12, 2010

VBS update and meeting

Well I survived the first day of VBS! It wasn't too bad. It wore me out a little bit but it was fun too. Three year olds have a lot of energy and a short attention span. ha! I'm glad I have fun friends to do this with and ones that are a lot more creative and assertive than me so they saved the day! Today we learned that "GOD's WORD IS TRUE!" and it is!
Harper had a great time! This is her and her favorite person at church - Mrs. Gail. She's in the 2 year old room this week and we were able to watch them out on the playground a little. It was so funny. There are 4 of us working who have kids in that room. My favorite thing was watching them come inside and walk down the hall in a line. I don't know why but I got so tickled seeing Harper walk in a single file line with other kids. I think because that is such a big kid thing to do and she just seemed so big. Bless her heart - I sent her in a little outfit and the pants were too long so when I picked her up they had rolled them up. ha!
A blogger, Susy, who I have kept up with who is from my husband's home town and now lives in NYC came to AR this week and we were able to meet up for lunch. I had to miss most of the lunch because of VBS but that we came in at the end. We met up with Melissa & Grayson, Julee, Jennifer & Brody, and Jenna and Brayden. I told Susy since I missed most of lunch - we could get in my car after lunch and I would take her to Sonic. She is always saying she misses Sonic. I also knew I could put Harper in the car and we would be able to talk. ha! It was nice to meet up with her.

Cute Susy and me and Harper!

Tonight I had a little girls night over at a friends house. I didn't take pictures but it was such a fun time and we laughed a whole bunch. I love being with friends who make me laugh. It has been a FULL day.
Time to pack up and get everything laid out for the morning. I hope ya'll had a nice Monday!

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